A Harmonic Map Fest

in honour of

Prof. John C. Wood

on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Prof. John C. Wood is one of the leading experts on the theory of harmonic maps. We are celebrating his 60th birthday with a meeting on 7th-10th of September 2009. The venue is Cagliari the capital of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. MAIN SPEAKERS: Paul Baird (Brest) Fran Burstall (Bath) Dieter Kotschick (Munich) Ian McIntosh (York) Emilio Musso (Turin) Yoshihiro Ohnita (Osaka) Liviu Ornea (Bucharest) Franz Pedit (Tübingen and Amherst) Marco Rigoli (Milan) Hajime Urakawa (Sendai) John Wood (Leeds) Poster First Announcement Second Announcement Third Announcement Conference email Programme of the Conference ABSTRACTS List of Participants Photographs Registration form List of Hotels Travel Information List of Sponsors Tourism portal for the Municipality of Cagliari Scientific Committee: Paul Baird (Brest) Fran Burstall (Bath) Luc Lemaire (Bruxelles) Simon Salamon (Turin) Organising Committee: Sigmundur Gudmundsson (Lund) Eric Loubeau (Brest) Stefano Montaldo (Cagliari) Radu Pantilie (Bucharest) Local Organising Committee: Gianluca Bande (Cagliari) Renzo Caddeo (Cagliari) Stefano Montaldo (Cagliari) Paola Piu (Cagliari)