A Harmonic Map Fest

in honour of

Prof. John C. Wood

on the occasion of his 60th birthday


Dear Colleague,

A conference will be organised at the University of Cagliari (Italy),
in honour of John C. Wood, on September 7-10, 2009.

The main speakers will be:

P. Baird (Brest)
F. Burstall (Bath)
S. Dragomir (Potenza)
M. Guest (Tokyo) (to be confirmed)
F. Helein (Paris)
D. Kotschick (Munich)
Y. Ohnita (Osaka)
L. Ornea (Bucharest)
F. Pedit (Tuebingen and Amherst)
M. Rigoli (Milan)
H. Urakawa (Tohoku)

Participants interested in presenting a 30-minute talk at the conference 
should send an abstract to Radu.Pantilie@imar.ro before 6th of April, 2009.

The participation fee will be of 60 euro for students and 120 euro for others.

Accommodation details can be found on the conference web-page


A limited number of student rooms will be available.

A registration form is on the web-page.

Scientific Committee: Paul Baird (Brest), Fran Burstall (Bath), Luc
Lemaire (Brussels), Simon Salamon (Turin).

Organizing Committee: Sigmundur Gudmundsson (Lund), Eric Loubeau
(Brest), Stefano Montaldo (Cagliari), Radu Pantilie (Bucharest).

Local Organizing Committee: Renzo Caddeo, Gianluca Bande, Stefano
Montaldo, Paola Piu.

Contact the organizers at: jcw09@univ-brest.fr

Visit the webpage at: http://www.matematik.lu.se/JCW-60/

Looking forward to seeing you in Cagliari,

The Organizing Committee