A Harmonic Map Fest

in honour of

Prof. John C. Wood

on the occasion of his 60th birthday


Dear Colleague,

Registration is still possible for the conference
"A Harmonic Map Fest", in honour of J. C. Wood.

The meeting will take place in Cagliari (Italy),
on 7-10 September 2009.

The Main Speakers will be:

P. Baird (Brest)
F. Burstall (Bath)
S. Dragomir (Potenza)
D. Kotschick (Munich)
I. McIntosh (York)
E. Musso (Torino)
Y. Ohnita (Osaka)
L. Ornea (Bucharest)
F. Pedit (Tuebingen and Amherst)
M. Rigoli (Milan)
H. Urakawa (Tohoku)
J. C. Wood (Leeds)

The programme and the abstracts are available from the
conference web-page (http://www.matematik.lu.se/JCW-60).

Participants are advised to register as soon as possible but
note that, from now on, hotel reservations have to be made
directly and student accomodation is no longer available.

Please let us know if you need help to get from the airport
to your hotel.

Please use this REGISTRATION FORM and email it to the
conference email address: jcw09@univ-brest.fr




Postal address:

Email address:

Date of arrival:

Date of departure:


The participation fee will be of 60 euro for students
and 120 euro for others.

Complementary information can be obtained from the
conference web-page (http://www.matematik.lu.se/JCW-60),
in particular travel information.

Looking forward to seeing you in Cagliari,

The Organizing Committee