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Title Models for road surface roughness
Authors Klas Bogsjö, Krzysztof Podgorski, Igor Rychlik
Alternative Location, Restricted Access
Publication Vehicle System Dynamics
Year 2012
Volume 50
Issue 5
Pages 725 - 747
Document type Article
Status Published
Quality controlled Yes
Language eng
Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Abstract English This study focuses on the statistical description and analysis of road surface irregularities that are essential for heavy-vehicle fatigue assessment. Three new road profile models are proposed: a homogenous Laplace moving average process, a non-homogenous Laplace process and a hybrid model that combines Gaussian and Laplace modelling. These are compared with the classical homogenous Gaussian process as well as with the non-homogenous Gaussian model that represents the road surface as a homogenous Gaussian process with Motor Industry Research Association spectrum enhanced by randomly placed and shaped irregularities. The five models are fitted to eight measured road surfaces and their accuracy and efficiency are discussed.
Keywords road surface irregularity, damage variability, Laplace moving averages, MIRA spectrum,
ISBN/ISSN/Other ISSN: 0042-3114